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About Robyn

At the young age of 3 Robyn Smyth was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. Tumours were initially found in her chest and head and tests showed that the cancer had already spread quickly throughout most of Robyns little body. Robyn’s cancer was therefore graded at stage 4 which put her survival rate at about 20%-30%. 

Robyn endured various forms of invasive and aggressive treatments including chemotherapy, surgery, Stem-cell transplant & radiotherapy. Fortunately Robyn’s treatment was successful and she went into remission in February 2009. For the next 4 years she remained cancer free.

In July 2013 when Robyn was 8yrs old, her mammy found a lump on her face. The family’s worst nightmare was confirmed after a CT scan showed a tumour protruding through Robyn’s jaw bone. Later scans subsequently revealed the cancer had already spread to her spine, pelvis, legs, and eye socket. Typically children with Robyn’s current prognosis have a 5% chance of survival.

Since Robyn’s relapse, she has received treatment in Ireland and the UK. Thanks to the generous support of thousands of people she was also fortunate enough to receive treatment in America. Robyn’s cancer has responded well and she has shown signs of improvement.

However her cancer is now at a standstill, and there are no further treatment options available in Europe to enable Robyn’s body fight this horrific disease. This means Robyn’s only option is to partake in clinical trials and new treatments only available in America. These offer Robyn the best chance of survival
We are now pleading for your help to raise enough funds to ensure Robyn can get this potentially lifesaving treatment.