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About Robyn

Robyn is a 12 year old girl from Dublin, Ireland. In September 2007 at the age of 3 Robyn was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. Tumours were initially found in her chest and head. 

Robyn endured various forms of invasive and aggressive treatments including chemotherapy, surgery, Stem-cell transplant & radiotherapy. Fortunately Robyn’s treatment was successful and she went into remission in February 2009. 

However in July 2013 Robyn’s mammy, Bernadette, found a lump on her face.  The family’s worst nightmare was confirmed after a CT scan showed Robyn had relapsed and found she had a tumour in her jaw, spine, pelvis legs and orbit. This left Robyn’s family with no treatment options left in Ireland and were given only a 5% chance of survival for Robyn.

In order to give Robyn options, and the best chance of saving her life, Robyn’s family decided they had to go abroad for treatment. This led them to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Michigan, USA where Robyn is taking part in trial treatment.

Robyn’s family receive no state funding and rely solely on the kindness of others and donations in order to give her the option to continue her fight. Please help save Robyn’s life. We have got this far we can’t stop now.