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Building Anti-Bribery Commitment in KFTD through AKHLAK Core Values

Success for any organization isn’t solely about profits; it’s also about nurturing a robust and ethical organizational culture. At Kimia Farma Trading and Distribution (KFTD), this commitment to integrity and good governance is deeply rooted in its AKHLAK core values. But what exactly are they?

KFTD’s AKHLAK Core Values

There are six values that drive KFTD’s culture towards excellence, ensuring long-term success and sustainability while fortifying against bribery and corruption. These six core values are encapsulated within the acronym AKHLAK: Amanah (trustworthiness), Kompeten (competence), Harmonis (harmony), Loyal (loyalty), Adaptif (adaptability), and Kolaboratif (collaboration).

Here’s a closer look at the six core values:

  • Amanah (Trustworthiness)

Trust is vital in any relationship, including at work. Being trustworthy means keeping promises, taking responsibility, and sticking to moral values. Employees who embody trustworthiness inspire confidence, fostering reliability and integrity.

  • Kompeten (Competence)

In a fast-paced environment, competence is crucial. A culture of competence encourages self-improvement, helping others, and striving for excellence.

  • Harmonis (Harmony)

A harmonious workplace respects diversity and values different perspectives. Embracing harmony creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

  • Loyal (Loyalty)

Loyalty means being dedicated not just to the company but also to its broader goals. Loyal employees uphold the organization’s reputation, make sacrifices for its success, and stay committed to its mission. It builds pride and unity among employees.ย 

  • (Adaptif) Adaptability

Change is constant, and adaptability is vital. Adaptive employees embrace change, adjust quickly, and seek opportunities for improvement. A culture of adaptability fosters innovation, resilience, and agility, ensuring the organization thrives amid change.

  • (Kolaboratif) Collaboration

Collaboration is key to success. As the African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” A collaborative culture promotes teamwork, creativity, and maximizing the organization’s potential.

The acronym “AKHLAK” originates from Arabic, symbolizing moral character, ethics, and virtues. It embodies how individuals conduct themselves, reflecting a culture befitting KFTD as a company committed to upholding good corporate governance.

With AKHLAK as its guiding principle, KFTD strives to cultivate a workplace where integrity, excellence, and mutual respect thrive. This not only ensures long-term success and sustainability but also safeguards against any breaches or possibilities of violating any regulations, including any attempts at bribery or corruption.